What are Copper's official communication methods?

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Copper will only communicate with customers via the following official communication channels:


REMINDER: Copper will never ask you to provide your debit card PIN, card number, CVV2 (three digit number on back of card), account number, or password via phone, email or social media. Do not provide photos of your debit card to anyone.


If you receive a suspicious direct message, text, email or call from someone claiming to be Copper, do not respond and do not click links or open/download attachments. 


Below are our official Copper communication methods

Web: getcopper.com

This is our only website. Any other web address provided from someone online isn't us and should be viewed as suspicious and potentially fraudulent. 

Be sure to check the domain of any page you are interacting with to ensure it is not a scam. 


Social media:

  • Instagram - @CopperBanking
  • Facebook - Copper Banking
  • Twitter - @CopperBanking
  • Tiktok - @CopperBanking
  • Snapchat - @getcopper
  • YouTube - copperbanking6213

These are our only social media accounts. If you receive a direct message from any other accounts with Copper in the name that are not listed above, they should be viewed as suspicious and potentially fraudulent. 

Please report these accounts when they reach out to you, as they are attempting to gather Copper login information to compromise accounts. 


Customer support:

  • Access our 24/7 chat bot: Our chatbot answers over 85% of Copper account related questions. If it's not able to fully answer your question, it transfers you to one of our agents for further assistance.
    • In your Copper app, either "Help" in top right or navigate to More > Support 
    • Twitter DMs
    • Facebook Messenger DMs
    • getcopper.com messaging widget 
  • Text our Customer Support team during business hours: (202) 831-0684
    • We do not accept phone calls at this number.
  • Email with our Customer Support team during business hours: support@getcopper.com


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