Are there any fees?

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We don’t charge any overdraft or minimum balance fees. 🙌


Kids and teens, with their Spending account debit card, can also withdrawal cash fee free at over 55,000 Allpoint ATM locations. Out of network ATMs may charge their own fees which Copper does not collect.


Transfers from a linked bank account are also free and typically take 3-5 business days to settle.


Transfers from a linked debit card are "instant," but there is a small fee associated with these instant transfers (2.5% of the total amount + $0.30 per transaction). This fee covers the additional costs associated with instant transfers. 


Like other financial organizations, instant transfers allow you to transfer money to the bank account within minutes, typically taking no longer than 30 minutes.


Did you know that the average US household pays $329 per year in banking fees and the top 5 banks made over 34 billion in overdraft charges in 2017 alone? Many banks charge fees that customers do not realize they are being charged for. At Copper, we don’t believe in charging hidden fees.

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