What is Copper?

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Copper is taking a new approach to banking that teaches youth how to make smart decisions with their money. Our goal is to empower the next generation to be financially successful. 💸


Copper provides a bank account and mobile app for parents, with a connected debit card for youth, ages 6 and up, including the tools to make spending, saving, moving, and managing their money a breeze. Teaching youth the ABC’s of money. 😎


The debit card can be used to spend online or in store anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. 💳


The app provides visibility into spending and makes it simple to send money from parent to child/teen instantly when needed.


Additionally, Copper works conveniently with your existing bank and only takes a few minutes to setup.


To start, the sponsoring adult (parent/grandparent/guardian) starts their account and then links the authorized youth users to their account. Then each added child/teen can order a debit card. 


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