It's my payday, where's my direct deposit?

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💵 Awesome! 


Depending on when your employer submitted your paycheck to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system, we receive the deposit through the system as it processes. 


If you don't see your deposit in the account yet, we simply haven't received it yet. ⏳


If it's nearing the end of the day and you haven't seen it settle, please


1️⃣ Check your employer payroll system to verify they have your correct Copper account information.


2️⃣ Verify you can see the payroll has processed based on a paycheck stub in the system (or check with your HR if you don't have a system to log into). 


3️⃣ Please reach out to our customer support team by logging into your Copper app and sending us a message through the Support option in'More' ⚙️ requesting assistance with Direct deposit not received.



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