How do I (parent) link to another bank account to transfer money?

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To fund the youth debit card, parents/relatives can link up to two external accounts to the Copper account right from their Copper app!


1️⃣ To do this, visit the "More" section located on the bottom right of your screen and select the "Linked Accounts" option in the top card.


2️⃣ Tap the purple '+' icon at the top right corner of the screen and the option to link a bank account or debit card will be displayed there!


We use Plaid to connect external bank accounts to Copper accounts. This makes it possible for you to transfer money using bank-to-bank funds transfer processes, which usually takes 3-5 business days on average to settle.


For the Plaid process, our partner bank is Evolve Bank & Trust, member FDIC.


Your account and routing numbers can be found in the "More" tab located in the bottom right corner of your Copper app home screen!


Select the "Direct Deposit" option and you'll find your account/routing numbers displayed there. 🙂

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