How is Copper different from traditional banks?

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Copper provides checking and investments for the next generation. 💪 Unlike traditional banks, Copper capabilities are leading edge for youth accounts. With a mobile app 📱 built for youth to learn about spending, saving, and investing and a companion app for the supervising adult to help the youth learn while they’re under 18. 


Where traditional banks 🏦 often charge lots of fees, we offer a checking account with no minimum balance, a free debit card, and minimal fees for instant debit card funding transfers.


We base our business in transparency, so that the supervising adults can have peace of mind teaching their loved one the basics of personal finance.


Copper is designed with the central goal of building better financial habits for its users. Copper provides a suite of differentiated tools alongside it’s teen debit card that allow parents and teens to easily manage their money, build savings goals that reward good behaviors, and spend and move money with ease and convenience. At Copper we understand that your lives are busy enough already and managing your finances shouldn’t be another time constraint. We are here to make this easy.

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